The Limitation of Choice

The Limitation of Choice

We can’t have everything. We can’t do everything. We can’t believe everything. And we definitely can’t be everything. How we decide to live today will place limitations on our lives. . . but it will also free us to live. Sitting on the fence to avoid the limitations of making decisions imposes even more significant limitations on us because then we’re frozen and immobile. Making decisions, knowing they will limit us, takes courage and wisdom, but that’s when we grow.

I can’t discuss life-changing decisions without mentioning the most critical decision we will ever make: Who or what we choose to worship and follow. A non-religious person may say they worship no one, but even taking that position is a choice to place oneself, someone else, or even an ideology above God. Like any other, that choice is limiting, so it should be thought through carefully.

What’s a choice you’re struggling with today? Try writing out the limitations you can anticipate if you go down that road. Are you prepared to make those sacrifices? What would happen if you went in another direction? Please allow yourself some time and quiet this week to work through any crucial decisions you must make.

Ann-Margret Hovsepian has written professionally for over 25 years and has illustrated coloring books since 2015. She has written hundreds of articles and is a bestselling author, co-author, or illustrator of multiple books.

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